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Przemysław Czapski

Technical Specialist
Gdansk, Poland
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All my life, I have been very closely associated with the automotive field, which is undoubtedly my passion. After my studies, I started working in an authorized car service, but after a few years, I felt that I couldn’t develop any more while remaining in that company.

At that time, NRF appeared along my way, and I joined the orange family in 2020. I started my career at NRF in the position of quality control in the technical department.

After working in the above position for about a year, I was promoted to the position of technical trainer. This position is very different from the previous one; it is definitely more demanding, but it also increases my performance and capabilities.

Compared to my start at NRF, I have noticed a huge progress in my personal development. I am now at a higher level of knowledge about the automotive industry. We should also not forget the language development. When I started working at NRF, my level of communication in English was very basic, now I can communicate freely with people without language barriers.

In connection with the position held, I constantly improve my qualifications and deepen my very valuable knowledge. NRF offers a lot of development opportunities thanks to investments in employee development such as English lessons, technical trainings, and courses to increase qualifications.

I love working at NRF for many reasons. Among other things, in our company there is a family atmosphere, the company is focused on “human relations.”. I feel that I am developing all the time and that I can have a real influence on the company’s development. In addition, knowing how our company grows stronger feels good, and it is great to be a part of this development.

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