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Emmanuelle Huttenmeister

Manager Customer Service & Warehouse
Valenciennes, France
We empower people

I started at NRF on 11 January 2021 as customer service manager. Everything was new to me, except the management part. I discovered an international environment, something I had been interested in for a long time. A product world that was the opposite of what I had known. My desire to develop within NRF is above all due to the confidence that the management has shown in me so that I can flourish.
NRF trusted me and allowed me to undertake, propose and decide. I appreciate that all opinions count, that everyone contributes. After a while NRF gave me the opportunity to join the warehouse management team, which is a challenge and I particularly like it.

I work with a customer service and warehouse team that is very involved in its daily work. I can count on them, and they know they can count on me. I learn from my colleagues in the other branches and enjoy working with them. We contribute to each other.

At NRF, I can take initiatives in my management, I can express my ideas, and our managers listen.

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