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Gemma Sanjuan

Warranty specialist
Granada, Spain
We empower people

I had my own business in the tourism sector when suddenly, the Covid crisis arrived in 2020. I realized that I had to develop in another field, so I went to ask for help in the “Red Cross,” a Spanish aid organization. They proposed a project where NRF was promoting women’s employability, and I applied for it. I started in production. Later, I moved to the tech support team, and after a long selection process and two months of internship, I was hired in this department.

There, I realized I loved what they were doing. I was amazed by how the team was working and the job they were doing. Since then, I have developed myself in so many ways professionally and personally, I am working with a great team who are always willing to help, and I learned a lot about mechanics. Currently, I have been selected to work in the laboratory for sensors product development and quality checking, so again, a new challenge and an opportunity to grow!

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