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Loredana Tomulescu

Group AM CS Manager
Prato, Italy
We empower people

I joined NRF in May 2016 as local customer service at Italian branch in Prato. From day one, I felt integrated and welcomed. Not only by the local organization but also at the international level, everyone was willing to support me which gave me the energy to come back to the office the next day.

Within this company I also had the possibility to meet my international colleagues and to join the Network, the development program, where I could expand my knowledge and exchange experience also from a cultural perspective.

At the beginning of 2021, I was promoted to customer service manager of the aftermarket group, which was a new chapter in my professional life, a challenge that made me expand my comfort zone and extend more knowledge in different branches in all customer service departments and sharing the core values among them.

Creating procedures to make the daily job more efficient, cooperating between branches, making awareness that we are working for an international company, delivering better result,s and creating visibility of the department are just some of my daily challenges and I am looking forward to exploring more that are to come!

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