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Jeroen Beterams

Group Marketing Manager
Mill, the Netherlands
We empower people

I started at NRF in 2016 as a marketing employee, coordinating all marketing and communication activities on my own from the head office.

In the meantime, the marketing team has grown considerably. Now we have marketing specialists at each location. This allows us to focus our activities on a local level. The result: our brand image and brand visibility – both global and local – have been massively improved!

Daily NRF gives me the space and the confidence to make my own choices. And it contributes to my development with internal and external trainings. NRF is always open to invest in my personal growth.

I enjoy working at NRF because everyone has a positive drive and is very accessible, from direct colleagues to the management team. I enjoy leading an international team. Also, I like travelling to other locations, customers, and trade shows. It is always good to meet people in person. Working at NRF is never boring. Every day brings new challenges.

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