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Mantas Kizelis

Junior Project Manager Operations
Milsbeek, the Netherlands
We empower people

It all started with temporary work for three months to help NRF during its high season. During that period the passion and enthusiasm that the employees showed for NRF motivated me so highly that I wanted to stick with the team and keep accomplishing much more together. The mentors that I was given gave me an opportunity to start sharing all my ideas and thoughts freely for us to keep improving our performance. Which then turned to different role changes from warehouse to operations specialist, to assistant team leader, to now warehouse manager.

NRF’s growth eagerness encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone. Keep striving for more solutions and never think in terms of problems. Because NRF is an international company, I learned a lot about different cultures and that networking is key for sustainable development and success in our business.

I come in everyday with a smile on my face knowing that there is always a challenge awaiting. That’s what keeps me going to do more!

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