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Javier Lopez Escamilla

Sales Representative
Granada, Spain
We empower people

I started at NRF in the tech support department, where I Iearned how each of our product groups works. Then I moved to the factory where I learnt about the possibilities of manufacturing, the difficulties, and the deadlines. Later, I moved to customer service, where I learned how to work with Axapta – the ERP system – and all the administrative processes. Sometime after that experience, I was suggested to move to Madrid to work as a salesperson in the central and Northern areas of Spain. Finally, this year I was assigned the job of commercial manager of special products for all of Spain and Portugal.

NRF has trusted me in each of these steps. It made me feel capable of anything. My colleagues have supported me and taught me in each of my new jobs. My new challenge is to learn English and I feel very supported by the company. NRF puts at my disposal many means.

From my point of view, at NRF it’s in your hands where you want to go.

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