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About NRF

NRF is specialized in two business sectors: production & trade.

We refer to the production branch as our thermal engineering division. At NRF, we are specialists in translating customers’ cooling needs into tailor-made cooling products. Our international engineering team is committed to developing professional, finely tuned solutions and understands how to deliver expected outcomes.

Our trade branch focuses exclusively on the automotive aftermarket sector, commonly referred to in-house as AM. NRF offers excellent quality replacement parts to extend the useful life of vehicles. The AM unit is formed by a highly dedicated team of professionals working in areas like supply chain, product management, technical support, and marketing, among others.

The history of NRF

Nederlandse Radiateuren Fabriek (NRF), translated as Dutch Radiator Factory, was founded in 1927 in Amsterdam and was originally conceived as a radiator repair factory. Some years later, in 1930, NRF started its own production department. In 1954, a second production site in Mill, the Netherlands, was opened and became the headquarters in 1962 when the Amsterdam location closed. In 1980, NRF started becoming an international player and opened its first location abroad in Valenciennes, France. In the ensuing years, NRF opened new locations across Europe, including Spain, Poland, and Italy, and started the production of aluminum heat exchangers.

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employees spread over 10 countries


m2 of strategically positioned warehouses


export countries


products in automotive product range


production plants in Europe


€ million in net sales (2021)


NRF is a purpose-driven company. Our purpose and vision guide us in the decision-making process as well as in our strategic plans.

Our purpose is why we exist:
“We empower people to passionately grow businesses and start new ventures in cooling and beyond. Our drive is to make customers stand out and reach further.”

Our vision is where we want to reach:
“We claim global industrial niche markets in rail and marine empowered by our leading position in the industrial aftermarket. We control the European automotive aftermarket in cooling and expand our business in sustainable new product groups & markets. Our inclusive organization aims to be the most technologically advanced in solutions and processes to add value to our customers. We engineer, produce & supply.”

Our organization is successful thanks to our committed employees that feel strongly connected to our purpose & vision. If you think you could relate too, this is your place!