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Claudia Fernandez

Overseas Business Manager
Granada, Spain
We empower people

 I started at NRF three years ago as back-office support for the sales department. Eight months later, I entered the overseas department, and, after some time, I was leading the department.

From the beginning of my journey at NRF, my managers always asked me what I liked the most and what I wanted to do. I trusted them in every single step, and they brought me to where I am now, which is a dream!

NRF has contributed to my developments through different programs, like The Network, the development platform. NRF helped me to understand who and how I am, both business-wise and personally. I was at the beginning a bit lost but with some coaching, I found my path, and now NRF is supporting me to grow in the required areas to achieve my personal and professional objectives.

NRF is a company where everyone has a place. No matter the type of personality or skills, NRF will find a way to give what is needed for us to work in an environment that allows us to bring the best. For me, the key has been and still is that NRF is giving me all the freedom and trust I need to develop my career, with continuous feedback in both directions and trying to always get the best out of every situation.

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