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Jonathan Garcia

Customer Service Manager
Granada, Spain
We empower people

I joined NRF almost four years ago. I started in the tech support department translating compressor warranty reports for almost all Europe. In a few weeks, I learned not only to translate but also to create reports myself.  A few months later, thanks to my background in customer service, I started supporting this team during high season and step-by-step I ended up being part of this team.
Not too long later I was promoted to customer service manager and transport manager.

So, within two years in NRF, I grew as a person and as an employee and I got the opportunity to develop myself day by day. Running international projects, joining the Network program, etc. NRF is an “old” company with fresh blood, growing unbelievable every single day. A company that gives opportunities to develop your personal skills in different positions very often. The changes I´ve seen since I joined are amazing. Every day is a new challenge, a new opportunity.

In NRF we don´t feel we have a manager, or we are a manager, we are all colleagues with different responsibilities, where we all join sports challenges, international projects with different nationalities, business trips, and of course we also like to enjoy, in fact, I´m very well known for my pool BBQs.
If anyone would ask me, why do I enjoy working for NRF, I would answer: Because every day is different.

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