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Katarzyna Perlik

Procurement coordinator
Gdansk, Poland
We empower people

My adventure with NRF started on January 18th, 2021. My world changed at that moment as I met wonderful, honest, and open-minded people with remarkable energy and senses of humor. The support from my colleagues right from the start helped me to learn quite fast all new things related to NRF’s business from the supply chain perspective.

It turned out that my professional experience from previous career paths and skills helped me grow. Soon, this gave me the opportunity to lead the procurement team within the supply chain.
Many challenging projects came across my path since then, supporting my development professionally and personally. I enjoy working at NRF not only because of those challenges, but mostly because of the people I meet every day. It is a great privilege to watch them grow to and to be a part of it.

What I value most at NRF is that I can receive support from the management any time and I can give it to my team too. Growing as a leader is what I always wanted to achieve professionally. I am looking forward to the future with NRF.

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