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Julia Rerych

Supply Chain Coordinator
Mill, the Netherlands
We empower people

I started in NRF two years ago as a part of the supply chain team. At that time, I had just graduated from studies, so I was really at the beginning of my career. From day one, my whole team and our great manager supported me while introducing me to my tasks. I have been mainly responsible for the DACH-BNL-UK region, so I had the privilege to work in the international team gaining a lot of experience. The supply chain team is based in Gdansk and in the first year I was working in Poland while for the second year I was nominated for a project and relocated to the Netherlands. As of now I can experience more out of the market for which I am responsible, get to know my colleagues, and better understand all the processes around the warehouse.

What I like at NRF is the fact that I have a lot of space to express my own ideas. Managers listen to them, and they always take my opinion into consideration. It is a fast-growing company, and we feel that we have a real impact on what is happening around. I also appreciate different initiatives, e.g., the Network Project which enables us to create new projects with colleagues from all the entities around Europe. I like all the sport competitions and integrations as it gives the opportunity to spend some nice time with colleagues apart from the office and work.

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