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Angela Garcia Maraver

Director Industrial & Marine
Granada, Spain
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I joined NRF in September 2021 to lead the product engineering team within the Industrial NRF business. Having started my career in thermal engineering, I had limited experience of the ins and outs of industrial & marine cooling systems. However, NRF saw great value in my experience in leading international teams and managing development projects in academia and other companies.

After ten months, the management team (MT) at NRF gave me the opportunity to jump into an even more challenging endeavor as industrial & marine director. As a member of the management team I now manage the complete industrial business line with the mutual support of its other members.

I do my best every day, and to me hard work is the best way to achieve goals but, let me be clear: success is only possible with the right team. We have a capable and motivated team with great synergy which made the decision much easier. What attracted me most to work at NRF is the potential of making a meaningful change. There were, and there are, many things to be done. The willingness of the team is there, so you set your own limits! NRF is exciting and challenging in all the best ways.

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