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Filip Kaczmarczyk

Product Manager
Gdansk, Poland
We empower people

My story at NRF started in March 2021 as a product specialist. My first assignment was to take care of the agriculture, construction, and internal transport product range, quickly followed by overseas business support. Early 2022 was a big turning point for me as I was promoted to product manager. I consider that a testament to NRF’s trust and satisfaction with my performance. Today, I am also responsible for most of the communication regarding products, both intercompany and outside. I also issue an internal product management magazine (PM Telegraph) which became the first-line platform for information sharing between PM and other departments.

Thankfully, NRF not only demands, it works both ways. The company supports its employees with internal and external trainings and workshops. In our department, I am the one who conducts the trainings. NRF pays a lot of attention to the employee as a person and rewards good work. New ideas are not just pushed aside. If someone comes up with an idea that is interesting, feasible, and has a positive impact on the organisation, there is a good chance that it will be implemented. It really makes me feel like I have influence!

My career has its momentum, and my employer listens to me and opens new doors for me. The close contact with not only my direct manager but with all colleagues at all levels of the organisation leads to immediate feedback and generates a one-of-a-kind bond with the company. Working at NRF pays off through a mix of security through organised structure and clear rules with an open mind, natural drive for development and new challenges every day. That’s why I enjoy working at NRF!

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