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Hadia Gouider

Milsbeek, the Netherlands
We empower people

I started my career at NRF in 2012 in the customer service department. After a year, I changed my role to project manager, and I got the opportunity to work on different projects every year. The broad knowledge I gained during this period, still helps me in today’s daily work. After eight years, I decided to gain some experience outside of NRF and worked at another automotive company in Germany. I did miss NRF though, and when I got presented the opportunity to come back in my current role, I decided to take it, a decision that I don’t regret until today.

Someone told me once that I’m a ‘high maintenance’ employee because I always seek more knowledge, different projects, and more responsibilities, and it’s not easy to satisfy me from that perspective. NRF has always accomplished challenging me and keeping my work interesting and inspirational.

NRF has an informal culture, where you really get the chance to be yourself. Besides that, it is a dynamic, agile organization which makes it a super interesting and challenging environment to work in.

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