Whistleblowing policy

NRF is a responsible company based on strong ethical business practices and high integrity throughout its entire value chain.

It is important to us that any suspected wrongdoing taking place at NRF is brought to our attention as soon as possible. By investing early, we have a better chance of preventing serious risk or damage to the company, our employees, other stakeholders, the environment or society as a whole. We therefore encourage anyone who suspects breaches of applicable law, policies, morals or ethics at NRF to report it via our whistleblowing solution.

To ensure you can make a report in confidence, NRF uses Whistlelink, a secure whistleblowing solution, to receive and handle reports. By using an external actor you are guaranteed anonymity in your communication with us.

To make a report, simply go to nrf.whistlelink.comĀ and follow the instructions.


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