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Howard Scheuer

Deputy Welding Coordinator
Mill, the Netherlands
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I have been working at NRF for a long time, starting as a production worker in 1987. After laying a test weld, I was given the opportunity to work as a welder and took various welding courses to do so. The great thing about working as a welder is that it is varied. Material always reacts differently, so I learn every day. Besides welding, I am also responsible for assessing welding requirements and certifications. For this, I had to go through an intensive process to obtain all the necessary certificates. At first, I was not keen on such a long process, but I finally said yes. I learned a lot. Now I can call myself a welding coordinator. NRF has given me the opportunity to develop myself by offering me training, by coaching me well, and by encouraging me to step into new roles. What I like about working at NRF is the freedom. I am given a lot of confidence and autonomy and can do my thing.

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