Diversity & inclusion at NRF
We empower people

Diversity & inclusion at NRF

We empower people. All people.

NRF is committed to ensuring its workplace is fair and equal for everybody. We value differences among individuals, and we offer an equal work environment without regard to race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or any other protected status. At NRF, all people count and are valued for their contributions.

We believe that achieving greater diversity, inclusivity, and equality is not only the ‘right thing to do,’ but we are also sure it strengthens our company significantly. Diversity brings varied perspectives, innovation, and improved decision-making. To reach these ideals, continuous effort and a lot of self-awareness are required. For that, a DEI council was created in our organization in 2021. Our Diversity, Equality, Equity & Inclusion Council comprises a diverse group of employees from across NRF that is leading our efforts to create an organizational culture that promotes inclusion and belonging.


We help people at risk of exclusion to access job opportunities. Together with various non-profit organizations, we have elaborated training plans where we instruct people with knowledge of job positions to which they can apply at a later stage. Moreover, 30% of the people that apply are eventually hired. This program gives these people the opportunity to get in touch with our sector and the company environment.

Unbiased hiring

At NRF, we want to ensure equal opportunities for everyone who applies, by assessing everyone based on objective, scientifically proven insights rather than gut feeling. Our first selection step in the recruitment process is ‘blind’, meaning we select applicants without knowing their names. Our initial screening is done based on their results on a series of neuroscientific game-based assessments and their answers to our screening questions.

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