Recruiting at NRF
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Recruiting at NRF

At NRF we want to ensure equal opportunities for everyone who applies, by evaluating everyone based on objective, scientifically proven insights rather than gut feeling. In 2023 we have moved a step forward towards removing the unconscious bias in our recruitment process. In collaboration with Equalture we have implemented a gamified system in which our candidates at the start of the process will be evaluated through a series of fun, neuroscientific game-based assessments. The games we propose focus on the cognitive abilities and behaviours that are needed in the position offered.

We believe that having a more diverse team will enrich our decision-making process as different points of view are considered. Traditional recruitment processes based on CV’s and motivational letters are often biased due to factors such as gender, age, nationality, etc. When a potential candidate takes part in a recruitment-through-assessment exercise all those factors are ignored, and recruiters focus on what truly matters: their potential. This way we are giving everybody the same opportunities to apply.

As we value personal growth and transparency, we will make sure you receive your results on the games as well. As well as that, you will have access to a Tips, Tricks and Techniques article which offers advice on how to overcome any weaknesses you may have and make the most of your strengths.


Finding the position

If you have found a position you are interested in, the first step is to read it carefully and make sure your profile matches our requirements. Did you already take our cultural fit test and read our values to check if you are in line with the NRF philosophy?



Instead of reviewing a static CV and cover later, we kick off the hiring process by asking you to play a few short and fun games online. Based on these games, we objectively measure how well you match the profile. Usually, some additional questions will be asked, for example about your motivation, expertise or language skills.


Telephone call

If the gaming results match with our position, we will contact you for a short telephone screening and possibly to schedule an interview.


First round

Good news! You have succeeded in getting to the next step: the interview. Usually, the hiring manager conducts the first interview. The most valuable piece of advice we can give you is to be yourself. From the point of view of the interviewer, it is crucial that they evaluate whether you are a good cultural fit for the company, but, most importantly, will you feel comfortable with us? That is something you will only find out if you are true to yourself.


Second round

If the first conversation was assessed as positive from both sides, the second interview takes place with other vacancy stakeholders. Think carefully beforehand about what you want to get out of the interview. What questions do you need answered to assess whether NRF is a good fit for you?



Is there a match? Our HR team will contact you to prepare your job offer and contract. Our team will contact you as soon as the final decision on your application is known.