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Hybrid working

While we love meeting in person, we have also fully embraced hybrid working. The ability to work from home sometimes contributes to a good work-life balance and has even strengthened our international cooperation. After all, a local colleague is just as close as a colleague abroad via the screen. If it is possible within the job, employees can work from home for up to 40% of their time.

Check what some of our colleagues say about hybrid working
“Certainly, hybrid working has changed what a job means for an employee. It gives me the opportunity to conciliate personal life with work, and I find a job-life balance that motivates me to keep doing what I do. I enjoy working from home as I can spend my shift from the commodity of my place, and I save time in public transport or car. On the other hand, I like to go to the office as it is nice to feel the motivation of my team as well as socialize with my colleagues and spend some quality time with them, they are not just a face on a screen!”

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